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Web Development

Developing clean and custom solutions. Whether it's an existing web application or new idea, we have the capabilities to build any product that suits your needs.

UI & UX Design

Designing usable interfaces and perfecting the user experience is our passion. We're here from the wire framing to the design and all the way to deployment.

Rapid Prototyping

Bring an idea; leave with a product. We can take your specs and turn them into a functioning web application in 30 days or less. Let us turn your ideas into reality.

Mobile Development

Currently developing Android and iOS (iPhoneOS) apps. Use us to build custom solutions on the Android and iOS platforms or to design a user friendly mobile interface.

Project Rescue

Is your project falling behind deadline? Did you outsource to the wrong team? Let us help! We can turn troubled projects into successful ones.



Each project that we take on gets all of our love. Seriously. We also adhere to the agile methodologies of software development to ensure a direct and constant flow of communication throughout the entire process. Isn't that the way it should be? We think so.


Our process consists of weekly iterations with prepared timelines and scheduled weekly standup calls. If required, we can schedule daily standup calls for shorter, more aggressive development cycles.


Each project is assigned a small team consisting of 1 designer and at least 2 developers who pair together to build the application from start to finish. We can also integrate with your existing development team to re-design your layout, get your code up to speed, or build out a new codebase entirely.


In any case, we'd love to help you! Consult with us to help you make the right decisions early on. We're experts on scaling, developing, and deploying rich, content driven, high-traffic web applications. At Nuklei, we ensure the quality and the timeliness of each project we take on - and for good reason. We couldn't do it with out you! Providing quality code along with awesome customer service is the life-blood of our company; it's what keeps us in business.



We're a team of developers that love what we do. We also love a lot of other things, such as; biking, cooking, anime, rage comics, photography and other sorts of lively things that make us uniquely us. To the right are some of our core team members who are here to help you through every step.







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